Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Playing Warrior Custom Golf this St. Patrick's Day

As the weather warms up and spring appears to be around the corner every golfer is itching to get out of the course and play their first 18 of the new golf season. If you are a true golfer, you have already been in your local golf pro shop checking out the newest golf technology of the golf season. For those of you that religiously watch the Golf Network Channel have also probably seen the newest and greatest things from Warrior Custom Golf.

Warrior Custom Golf has helped a half of a million golfers around the world improve their golf game and shave strokes of their handicap. The 2010 Tomahawk Series of golf clubs by Warrior Custom Golf are designed to help golfers improve even more. With the new mass transfer technology, these clubs will provide a more dynamic performance anywhere on the golf course.

What better excuse to play golf on St. Patrick's Day than participating in a completely risk free* test play program hosted by Warrior Custom Golf.