Friday, April 2, 2010

Warrior Custom Golf Tomahawk Golf Clubs

Warrior Custom Golf would like to wish everybody a safe and wonder Easter Holiday Weekend with family and friends, hopefully on the golf course. Easter signifies the spring season is upon us, the season of the Master's, and beautiful weather across the country; all perfect reasons to get outside and play 9 or 18 holes of golf for fun, exercise, and company. Golf early in the season, gives people to catch up with their family and friends as they spend 4 or 5 hours at your country club or public golf course, share your vacation plans for the summer, and show off your new Warrior Custom Golf clubs.

Warrior Custom Golf has been one of the most popular and successful golf club manufacturers in the country since the 1990s and have just released their best clubs in company history, known as the Tomahawk Series. Warrior Custom Golf first shared their Tomahawk Fairway woods to loyal Warrior Custom Golf customers last July in phase I of their test play program. The feedback from golfers were some of the best Warrior Custom Golf has ever received; as a result, the word on these new Warrior Custom Golf fairway woods spread quickly, and Warrior Custom Golf has had problems trying to keep these incredible fairway woods in stock. That is one Warrior Custom Golf complaint, that other golf club manufacturers wish they had.

Warrior Custom Golf responded to the incredible response on the new and exciting woods by releasing the matching irons, known as Tomahawk Plus irons. With their slim profile, these Warrior Custom Golf irons provide the workability that every golfer is looking for as they improve their golf scores. Warrior Custom Golf knew they had just created the best irons on the market, hands down, and with the aide of the Warrior Custom Golf risk free test play program, Warrior Custom Golf was able to confirm their success before they were officially launched at the beginning of 2010.

Warrior Custom Golf didn't stop their, they combined the best characteristics in the new fairway woods and irons to produce one of the top hybrids on the market, the Tomahawk Hybrids. These hybrids are truly the easiest club to hit, with its amazing versatility and forgiveness, no other club on the market can match it. These new hybrids are so new, that these clubs have just now been released for test play purposes.

Coming soon is the new Warrior Custom Golf Wedges. Warrior Custom Golf created a household name in the 1990s because they produced the best wedges on the market; now, Warrior Custom Golf is making history again, with a new and improved set of wedges set to be released Summer of 2010. After all, it is not how you drive, it is how you arrive that sets us apart from other golfers.