Friday, April 2, 2010

Warrior Custom Golf Tomahawk Golf Clubs

Warrior Custom Golf would like to wish everybody a safe and wonder Easter Holiday Weekend with family and friends, hopefully on the golf course. Easter signifies the spring season is upon us, the season of the Master's, and beautiful weather across the country; all perfect reasons to get outside and play 9 or 18 holes of golf for fun, exercise, and company. Golf early in the season, gives people to catch up with their family and friends as they spend 4 or 5 hours at your country club or public golf course, share your vacation plans for the summer, and show off your new Warrior Custom Golf clubs.

Warrior Custom Golf has been one of the most popular and successful golf club manufacturers in the country since the 1990s and have just released their best clubs in company history, known as the Tomahawk Series. Warrior Custom Golf first shared their Tomahawk Fairway woods to loyal Warrior Custom Golf customers last July in phase I of their test play program. The feedback from golfers were some of the best Warrior Custom Golf has ever received; as a result, the word on these new Warrior Custom Golf fairway woods spread quickly, and Warrior Custom Golf has had problems trying to keep these incredible fairway woods in stock. That is one Warrior Custom Golf complaint, that other golf club manufacturers wish they had.

Warrior Custom Golf responded to the incredible response on the new and exciting woods by releasing the matching irons, known as Tomahawk Plus irons. With their slim profile, these Warrior Custom Golf irons provide the workability that every golfer is looking for as they improve their golf scores. Warrior Custom Golf knew they had just created the best irons on the market, hands down, and with the aide of the Warrior Custom Golf risk free test play program, Warrior Custom Golf was able to confirm their success before they were officially launched at the beginning of 2010.

Warrior Custom Golf didn't stop their, they combined the best characteristics in the new fairway woods and irons to produce one of the top hybrids on the market, the Tomahawk Hybrids. These hybrids are truly the easiest club to hit, with its amazing versatility and forgiveness, no other club on the market can match it. These new hybrids are so new, that these clubs have just now been released for test play purposes.

Coming soon is the new Warrior Custom Golf Wedges. Warrior Custom Golf created a household name in the 1990s because they produced the best wedges on the market; now, Warrior Custom Golf is making history again, with a new and improved set of wedges set to be released Summer of 2010. After all, it is not how you drive, it is how you arrive that sets us apart from other golfers.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Playing Warrior Custom Golf this St. Patrick's Day

As the weather warms up and spring appears to be around the corner every golfer is itching to get out of the course and play their first 18 of the new golf season. If you are a true golfer, you have already been in your local golf pro shop checking out the newest golf technology of the golf season. For those of you that religiously watch the Golf Network Channel have also probably seen the newest and greatest things from Warrior Custom Golf.

Warrior Custom Golf has helped a half of a million golfers around the world improve their golf game and shave strokes of their handicap. The 2010 Tomahawk Series of golf clubs by Warrior Custom Golf are designed to help golfers improve even more. With the new mass transfer technology, these clubs will provide a more dynamic performance anywhere on the golf course.

What better excuse to play golf on St. Patrick's Day than participating in a completely risk free* test play program hosted by Warrior Custom Golf.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Congrats to the New Orleans Saints from Warrior Custom Golf

Its official. The Super Bowl 44 champions are the New Orleans Saints, defeating the Indianapolis Colts 31 to 17 in their first and very convincing victory. The Saints triumph is not only for the team but for the city of New Orleans, and the state of Louisiana.

The end of the Super Bowl is not only a symbol of the end of the football season, but marks the beginning of the golf season. As we saw in the Super Bowl pregame show, sponsors like Callaway were displayed prominantly throughout the show.

This means its time to think about your own golf game. I know that a number of states are buried under the snow and many states are battling a number of rain storms. But the fact is, snow melts and rain dries; and the golf season is upon us so its time to improve your golf bag for the season and help improve your golf game.

To kick off the 2010 golf season, Warrior Custom Golf has announced their brand new series of golf clubs, including fairway woods, irons, and hybrids. The new Warrior Custom Golf hybrid commercial can now be viewed frequently on the Golf Channel Network. The new Tomahawk series of golf clubs from Warrior Golf includes the new mass transfer technology that increases the MOI rating of woods and drivers while expanding the sweet spot on the irons and hybrids.

To read some recent reviews on Warrior Custom Golf clubs and to find out about some of the best promotions being offered check out Warrior Custom Golf Information.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Saga of Warrior Custom Golf

This is not a golf story. It’s a story of a satisfied customer. You won’t believe this.

Last October, in response to a card I’d sent in, Steve of Warrior Custom Golf phoned to offer a set of golf clubs to test. After explaining the deal, they’d send me a set of woods that were comparable to the Taylormade Burners (Retail $1200) for a 45 day test. They informed me that they’d charge my credit card $532 while I tested the clubs and would refund it when I sent them back. I could keep them for the $532.

The test play was for the driver, 3, 5, 7 fairway woods. He also sent the 9 wood as an additional club for free. He said I could keep the 9 2ood just for testing the fairway woods even if I didn’t keep them. I got the clubs about three weeks later and started my risk free test play.

I tested the woods on several rounds of golf and several trips to the driving range. I loved these clubs much more than my old ones. In fact, each was about 25 yards longer than the corresponding Dunlap clubs I had been using. I was expecting a call from Steve who would ask me for an evaluation of the clubs. Steve never called.

About a week before the 45 days were up, I called Warrior to give them an evaluation of the clubs and to find out how to get the headcovers. I talked to Valerie. On top of the headcovers, she sent me a free putter of my choice and chipper for test playing the irons. She said there were two kinds of irons to choos from. One set was $469 or for an additional $200 I could try the next higher grade irons.

Today, I called WCG because they have new amazing promotions to kick of the 2010 season. I know a lot of golfers are need of a snow wedge this time, but like any seasonal sport, it you are looking for the best deal, buy it during the off-season. I’ll send the driver back.

For anyone wishing to buy or test golf clubs, I recommed to go to Warrior Custom Golf.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Great Day for 18

Warrior Custom Golf has just released their new Warrior Hybrids for 2010 and currently available in the test play program. I just finished 18 and am amazed at the consistancy and forgiveness of the new Warrior Custom Hybrids; they are the best hybrids I have ever played! Warrior Info

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warrior Custom Golf 2010 Test Play Program

If you are serious about your golf game or looking for a great deal on golf clubs, you need to sign up for one of the Warrior Custom Golf test play programs when they are offered. These Warrior Custom Golf clubs are custom built for you, come with a Harrison shaft, and offered at discounted prices for doing an evaluation.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Warrior Golf

It doesn’t matter if you are the occasional recreational golfer, training for the PGA Tour, or somewhere in between, every golfer will benefit from top quality custom built clubs. Warrior Custom Golf gives golfers the ability to purchase a set of custom clubs without breaking the bank.