Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Saga of Warrior Custom Golf

This is not a golf story. It’s a story of a satisfied customer. You won’t believe this.

Last October, in response to a card I’d sent in, Steve of Warrior Custom Golf phoned to offer a set of golf clubs to test. After explaining the deal, they’d send me a set of woods that were comparable to the Taylormade Burners (Retail $1200) for a 45 day test. They informed me that they’d charge my credit card $532 while I tested the clubs and would refund it when I sent them back. I could keep them for the $532.

The test play was for the driver, 3, 5, 7 fairway woods. He also sent the 9 wood as an additional club for free. He said I could keep the 9 2ood just for testing the fairway woods even if I didn’t keep them. I got the clubs about three weeks later and started my risk free test play.

I tested the woods on several rounds of golf and several trips to the driving range. I loved these clubs much more than my old ones. In fact, each was about 25 yards longer than the corresponding Dunlap clubs I had been using. I was expecting a call from Steve who would ask me for an evaluation of the clubs. Steve never called.

About a week before the 45 days were up, I called Warrior to give them an evaluation of the clubs and to find out how to get the headcovers. I talked to Valerie. On top of the headcovers, she sent me a free putter of my choice and chipper for test playing the irons. She said there were two kinds of irons to choos from. One set was $469 or for an additional $200 I could try the next higher grade irons.

Today, I called WCG because they have new amazing promotions to kick of the 2010 season. I know a lot of golfers are need of a snow wedge this time, but like any seasonal sport, it you are looking for the best deal, buy it during the off-season. I’ll send the driver back.

For anyone wishing to buy or test golf clubs, I recommed to go to Warrior Custom Golf.


  1. My Warrior clubs are some of the best clubs I have ever hit. I got a full set of clubs, including woods, custom fitted for my swing, for under $1,000. Plus they gave me 45 days to return them if I didn’t like them. ( Other companies just give you store credit). Also, I got a 1 year warranty on the clubs! Plus I wanted my irons extended after I got them, and I sent them back and they did the adjustment for free! This is an excellent company and I can’t believe people think they are really going to get clubs given to them with no collateral for just an evaluation. Come on people! Wake up! No company can stay in business if they just ship merchandise all over the country without taking some form of payment to cover at least their cost of the clubs. The test play is just a cooling off period. I think its good business, it shows Warrior has confidence in their product.

  2. I have a full set of Warrior clubs, driver, wedges, bag that I purchased back in 2005. I went through the whole sales ’spiel’ with a real fast-talking, pushy guy on the phone. Overall, a pretty annoying process. However, I’ve never had a complaint about their clubs. I wouldn’t spend a ton of money for Calloways unless I lived golf every day, and even then… The Warriors fit my bill…MHO.

  3. Here’s my 2 cents on Warrior Custom Golf.

    Got the mailer for a hybrid free, pay the shipping. They are hard salesman…but so am I, I am a Realtor. So I worked them harder than they worked me. I ended up getting a set of irons, a hybrid, a driver and the set of wedges all for I think $600 or so. All on the test program. Got the package. Turned out they didn’t send me the right irons or driver. I called back- “no problem” just keep what you’ve got and we’ll send you the right irons and driver. Received them in 2 weeks. Tried both sets of the irons. TCP’s makes you hit em straight as an arrow but you lose about 10-15 yrds. per club. Tomahawks (what I’m using now) I would compare them any day to the Callaway X-22’s I was using. I’ve been with them for about 6mos. now. No complaints but still getting used to them. Anyway, I called back nonetheless to further work my deal. I extended my 45 day test period to 90 days due to weather issues in the Northwest. Toward the end of 90 days I called to return them to see what the response was…again a hard sell but they said they would take them back. In summary I worked them down to $450 for 2 sets of irons (which I would rate at about a 8/10 for quality & playability), two 460i drivers, 3 wedges (also nice clubs), one hybrid. I thought it was a fantastic deal. It did take them a while to refund the $150 to my card but I was just persistent, and you have to be. They are sales people that are trying to sell you merchandise. For me they were not deceptive. I was fully aware that they were charging me for the clubs up front which I didn’t mind. You don’t get something for nothing. I think they make good clubs and I play them 3x a week or so plus the range.
    On a side note: I noticed the other day that my driver was cracked along the bottom portion of the face. I called them for the warranty. They said send it back and we’ll replace it. $9 shipping in the box I already had from them. I should get a new club in about 6 weeks.
    Overall I think people just can’t swallow the hard salesmanship they deliver. Just speak up and don’t take no for an answer. I’m sure all experiences are different but I don’t really have any complaints other than “hassle”. Also to note: I’ve seen many a post on the web about a deal they are putting out for a sponsorship package (towel, bag, shirt, balls, scope, tees blah blah)…My email says right on it “for trying out one of our clubs”…there have been many complaints that they say it’s free if you pay shipping..not so.
    -NW Golfer